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The Hockey Pro Training Academy

After 10 years of professional hockey and a few more years reflecting on what worked for me (and what didn’t), this program is the culmination of everything. I’ve poured my heart into this program knowing the impact this information would’ve had on me as a young hockey player chasing my dreams.
The Hockey Pro Training Academy

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Module 1: The Importance Of Mental Training.
    Show Content
    • 1.0 Welcome To The Hockey Pro Training Academy
    • 1.1 Important Things To Remember
    • 1.2 How Mental Training Separates You From Your Competition.
    • 1.3 Commitment Letter
    • 1.4 Focus & Sidney Crosby's Practice Habits. With Penguins Skills Coach Kevin Muller
    • 1.5 Why It's Important To Play YOUR Game. With NHL Shooting Coach Tim Turk
  • 02
    Module 2: Your Transformation Starts Now!
    Show Content
    • 2.0 It All Starts With Self Awareness
    • 2.1 How To Build Up Your Confidence
    • 2.2 Interview: With Professional Hockey Player Jake Newton
    • 2.3 Self Talk Tool You Need To Be Using!
    • 2.4 Self Awareness Exercise
    • 2.5 Self Talk Exercise
    • 2.6 What Separates The Top Players In The World From Everyone Else. With KHL Skills Coach Ted Suihkonen
    • 2.7 How To Find Balance And Get The Most Out Of Your Training. With Penguins Skills Coach Kevin Muller
    • 2.8 The Importance Of Having A Plan. Featuring NHL Shooting & Scoring Coach Tim Turk
  • 03
    Module 3: How To Master Your Mindset
    Show Content
    • 3.0 Goal Setting
    • 3.1 Meditation & Mindfullness
    • 3.2 Visualization & Getting Into The Zone
    • 3.3 Goal Setting Exercise
    • 3.4 5 Minute Meditation To Become More Present
    • 3.5 How To Goal Set Your Way To The NHL With Pro Hockey Player Jake Newton
    • 3.6 Elite Habits Of Elite Players With Pittsburg Penguins Skills Coach Kevin Muller
  • 04
    Module 4: Becoming Bulletproof
    Show Content
    • 4.0 How To Handle Pressure As A Hockey Player. Dealing with frustration.
    • 4.1 Time Management Exercise
    • 4.2: Getting Over The "Mistake Mentality" Fear of Failure
    • 4.3: Interview With Boston Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara. "How to sell it"
  • 05
    Module 5: How To Prepare Like A Pro!
    Show Content
    • 5.0 How To Prepare For Tryouts, Camps & Big Games
    • 5.1 Avoiding Distractions at All Costs
    • 5.2 The Mindset Required To Skate Like A Pro
    • 5.3: Use Mental Training To Score More Goals
  • 06
    Module 6: Time To Do The Work!
    Show Content
    • 6.0 What's Holding You Back?
  • 07
    Live Group Calls
    Show Content
    • Video: August 11, 2019
    • Audio: August 11, 2019
    • Video: September 1, 2019
    • Audio: September 1, 2019
    • Video: September 15th, 2019
    • Audio: September 15th, 2019
    • Video: October 12th, 2019
    • Video: November 2nd, 2019
  • 08
    Bonus Interviews
    Show Content
    • Triangle of Confidence: A Conversation with Auston Matthews Childhood Coach Boris Dorozhenko

What Players Are Saying

“I signed up for the program in mid-February.  I watched a bunch of the videos and did a handful of coaching calls with Matt.  I followed what he told me to do about relaxing and visualizing and what I’d do in key situations. The difference in my game was incredible. I felt really good pre-game and even better during and after. I had more points in my last five games than the prior 15. Then tryouts and showcases began and after the first one, four different teams called to recruit me…never had that before. Matt has been a huge help to me and I really appreciate it. I’m excited to continue the program and I’d tell anyone who really wants to get better that if you put in all the hard work on your skills and off ice training, you need to add the mental training to complete the workout. ”

- Jake Parker Walpole Express U18

“If anyone has a son or daughter that is lacking self confidence on the ice you need to have them join hockey pro training. After my son started the program he started carrying the puck with more confidence and has a completely different outlook on the game. Don’t hesitate and join ASAP. ”

Hockey Parent

Gabe Satterlund

“Having struggled with my mental health and stability throughout my teen years I became fed up with the way my mind was directing my life. I put my foot down and decided to fix myself a year ago. After working constantly trying to improve my headspace I hit a wall. My life outside of hockey was beginning to see improvements and stability but when it came to playing the game I love I still struggled horrendously trying to control myself. I needed some sort of guidance. That’s when I found out about the Hockey Pro Training mental health course. I signed up immediately as I trusted Matt after following him for a few years already. The course gave me a timeline and specialized program for the sport of hockey. As I worked through the course and working on the exercises I began to see immediate results when it came to my games and practices. I became self aware, and soon realized the nerves and anxiety I experienced in hockey was no different to the stressors I experienced in everyday life. I realized I could control my mind in hockey just as I had learned to control my life outside of it. The program gave me the base to keep working on my mental health within the sport of hockey. Controlling your mind is an everyday struggle, however with some guidance you can be well on your way to becoming a more complete player and person. ”

- Nick Guzi

“Because of all your programs and all the things you do to help hockey players I become an all star of my division. ”

Hockey Player


“I have been loving the program! I had my last game of highschool last night and I went into the game probably the most focused I've ever been! ”

Hockey Player

Ryan Stroh

“In my last three games, I scored 6 goals and got 3 assists so 9 points! I’m now the leading scorer of my team and I all of a sudden got way more confident! I’m also first center and I have a lot more ice time! Thank you! ”

Hockey Player


“I watched your confidence video like two days ago.... and I purposely did it right before playoffs. We were going to the semifinal game, and I hadn’t scored yet in playoffs despite being my leading scorer with 43 goals on the season. We lined up on a power play line at the beginning of the game to set the pace, and because of my good shot I played D rather than my usual forward. the face off was won back to me and I skated between the defenders and sniper it hard down high blocker, 11 seconds into the game and we won 1-0. ”

Hockey Player


Fundamentals We'll Master Together

  • Growth Mindset

    What is a growth mindset? How is it useful and how can we apply it to our hockey?

  • Flow State

    How do we get zoned in? How do we play our best more often?

  • Resilience

    How do we build our resilience so we can get up faster after getting knocked down?

  • Big Picture Thinking

    Maintaining a long-term view of our goals is critical to dealing with short-term bumps. How do we build this for ourselves?

  • Emotional Control

    Emotions can lift us up to be our best or crush us. How do we build awareness around our emotions and leverage them to help us reach flow state?

  • Confidence

    When we hit the ice are we feeling confident or fearful? This can make all the difference.